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שונאים את זה שכל פתיחה של הרכב המראות נפתחות?

יש לנו פתרון!

 1 - Go to Module 09 Electronic control unit
   2 - Confirm security code 31347 (or 20103) whichever is correct for you car ..
   3 - Enter Spiegelverstellung adaption, In Funk Spiegelanklappung Modus,
      set value "by look command via remote control key"
  4 - In Funk Spiegelanklappen, set value "Activated"
   5 - In Menusteuerung Funk Spiegelanklappen, set value "Activated"
   6 - If you want them to be opened when the IGN is started, instead of when opening the control / door
  In Signalisierung_Spiegelanklappung,
 set value Not Activated  (was set to Activated)
 ** long control click to close the mirrors - 
 funk spiegelanklappung modus - by convinience

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